Employment and Professional Experience

Chief Information Officer/GIS Coordinator, Delaware County Office of  Information and GIS Services (Aug 2020 to Present)

  • Primarily responsible for the county’s web-based GIS and other applications, website, and social media. Serves as Logistics Section Chief for the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency, with tasks and responsibilities in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as well as responding to various community emergencies as requested by public safety agencies. Responsible for coordination, management, and maintenance of the county’s GIS databases and applications.

GIS Coordinator – Director, Delaware County Office of Geographic Information (Fall 2005 to Aug 2020

  • Responsible for the maintenance, advancement, and integration of Geographical Information Systems into the daily workflows of local Government Offices.
  • Supervises GIS Parcel Technician and Student Internship positions
  • Manages 50+ instances of ArcReader in various offices, develops custom map projects for individual users, as well as customized ArcGIS Server web applications.
  • Integration of geospatial data and maps using ArcGIS Online.
  • Multi-version SQL-ArcSDE server administration
  • Project management and development of County-wide mapping websites.
  • Project assistance for various community mapping projects (Cardinal Greenways Property database project, Brownfields Group, Muncie Urban Forestry, Visitor’s Bureau, Muncie Action Plan)
  • Provides a full range of services for Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development, including; Detailed site maps and overview for prospective businesses. Developed an interactive Economic Development Map Portal website to highlight areas of our community available for industrial and commercial businesses.
  • Supervision of GIS interns/part-time positions.
  • Technical assistance to Delaware County 911 Dispatch in relation to GIS response boundary maintenance and CAD integration of GIS data.
  • Development of web-based and/or mapping solutions for various county offices including full web development for Delaware County Emergency Management, as well as other offices and agencies.
  • Technical computer assistance to elected officials, other Department Heads, and public meetings.
  • Professional assistance to University students seeking GIS information/mapping for class projects, including technical assistance and guidance in immersive learning projects.
  • Undertook major efforts to make the county GIS system accessible to the public.
  • Provides technical geographic education and outreach to the public and businesses at key conferences and meetings.
  • Supervises a small staff of one full-time employee (GIS Technician) and part-time employees, consisting of qualified Ball State Students who assist with projects and request completion.
  • Provides guidance and technical support for Plan Commission Graduate Assistants and Interns.

General Manager, R&D Brewer. The Guardian Brewing Company (Summer 2016 to 2019) 

  • Develop and test recipes and techniques on a pilot brewery scale, scale-up recipes to full brewhouse size when appropriate. Develop seasonal and special release beers.
  • Weekly production of “standard” beers.
  • Research industry trends in brewing, and technology. Develop plans for staying current in terms of popular styles, techniques, and marketing strategies.
  • Expanded the company’s online profiles including website, social media accounts, and customer interaction systems.
  • Design and produced the company’s consolidated brand & image products.
  • Promote brewery events & beer releases.
  • Work with community partner organizations for fundraising opportunities.

Vice President – Sensible Ecology
Ecological Planning and Design Consulting Firm

  • Inventory, design, mapping and planning services.

GIS Planner, Project Development.  Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission (August 2001 to 2005)   

  • Responsible for the integration of Geographical Information Systems into daily tasks of the Plan Commission and other local government offices.
  • Worked to move data collection and storage of addresses from paper-based methods to digital entry and retrieval methods using GIS and databases.
  • Strived to create professional documents and graphics for county and community projects, including;
    • Muncie-Delaware County Visitor’s map
    • 2004 Cardinal Greenway Trail User’s Guide
  • Served as staff contact and provided technical assistance for various community projects.
  • Worked with EMA and Human Resources to design and implement a multiple enhanced security three-level local Government ID card system.

Geographic Information Systems/Computer Technician Internship Position for Ball State University Facilities Planning and Management-Landscape Services. (Summer 2000 to Spring 2001)

  • Participated with a team of students and professionals that were chosen to conduct the Muncie Urban Forestry and Ball State University sponsored comprehensive tree Inventory. The team successfully inventoried over 20,000 individual trees and entered them into a comprehensive GIS database that is used by Ball State University and the City of Muncie.
  • I helped maintain and integrate the BSU Inventory Database into the daily routine of landscape services personnel by working with supervision to create work orders and methods of operations and maintenance of the database.

Student Employee at Ball State University Landscape Services
(Spring 1999 to Summer 2000 )

Self-Employed Commercial and Residential Lawn Care and Landscaping.
(1989- Fall of 1998)

  • Maintained a client list of over 30 residential and commercial properties.

Sign Graphics/Laer Graphics, North Webster, Indiana
(Fall/Winter 1995)

  •  Screen Print, Vinyl Design Application, and Orthopedic instrument laser etching technician.