Kyle Johnson

Information Officer & Geospatial Professional


I serve as the Chief Information Officer and GIS Coordinator for Delaware County, Indiana.  In this role, I am primarily responsible for the county’s web-based applications, website and social media. I also serve as Logistics Section Chief for the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency during when the Emergency Operations Center is activated in response to a community disaster or other substantial event.

Cycling Advocate

I helped found the Muncie Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Through the committee’s outreach and education program – BikeMuncie – the committee works to provide resources events and programs for cyclists and pedestrians in the City of Muncie. I also serve as a board member for the Cardinal Greenways, Indiana’s longest rail-to-trail.


I have always enjoyed photography, ever since taking my first photography class in high school (using film!). More recently I have enjoyed exploring nature and wildlife photography as it allows me to capture my love of the outdoors. You can view my most recent images on my photostream.